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Telephone: 0114 2363391


for registered active clients***:


Initial                                              Recheck                 

£48.00 Cat/Dog/Exotic                      £39.00

£65.00 Sunday/ Bank Holiday same day appointment during opening hours ( any species)

£65.00 Emergency same day appointment during opening hours ( any species)

£43.00 Rabbit                                   £36.00

£32.00 Small Furry/ Chicken              £25.00

£38.00 Telemedicine reduced fee^     £29.00 follow up call^

£13.50- £22.00 Nurse Consults

Please note all consultations attract an appropriate consultation charge bar two free of charge post operation consultations.

Should you miss your appointment without giving us prior notice, the practice reserves the right to charge you a consultation fee.

* Please note that pricing will vary when the practice is closed and during public holidays. Please speak to the on call vet should treatment be required. Consultations with our cardiologist, orthopaedic surgeon or for ophthalmology assessment have a separate pricing structure, reflecting the expertise of the veterinary surgeon. Please ask one of our team for more details.

^ Please note from 22/11/21 Temporary dispensation by RCVS for remote prescribing has been removed and a physical appointment will need to be arranged for dispensing of certain medications as per the attending veterinary surgeon.

Castrate Cat Routine (Male)


Castrate Dog Routine

£202.50.00- £257.50 (depending on weight)**

Spay Cat Routine (Female)


Spay Dog Routine

£270.00- £435.00 (depending on weight)**

** please note an additional brachycephalic anaesthesia protocol and surcharge will be added for all brachycephalic breeds. Please ask one of the team for more details.

Additional discounts can be applied to neutering charges with our primary vaccination package or Practice Healthcare Plan.

Post Op Checks

2 appointments free of charge, then £24.50 per consult

Nail Clip

£21.00 with Vet, £14.50 with nurse

Express Anal Glands

£21.00 with Vet, £14.50 with nurse

Primary Vaccination Package 


  • A free nurse check before first vaccinations (if desired).
  • Primary vaccination course with a vet including:

A full health check                             

FREE Wormer & Flea treatment

FREE Sample of puppy/ kitten food

Puppy/ kitten advice pack

4 weeks free insurance

  • FREE puppy/ kitten nurse clinics from 1 months after the first vaccination and every month until the puppy/ kitten is 6 months old
  • 10% OFF neutering if done as recommended, on or before the puppy/ kitten is 18 months old

 Dog £84.50 including microchip/ £74.50 without microchip

Cat £90.00 including microchip/ £80.00 without microchip


*** Registered active client means at least one pet has been seen within last 2 years for routine appointments/ medication.

Non Registered/ Inactive Client Consultation:

Monday- Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 8.30am- 4pm                £70.00

Sunday 10am- 1pm or emergency same day appointment      £100.00

The services of veterinary specialists may be sought by referral. For full details on our referral policy please discuss directly with one of our team


Payment is due in full at the time of treatment unless arranged otherwise in agreement with your Veterinary Surgeon. Non-payment of monies owed may result in your debt being passed to a debt collection agency which will result in additional fees and interest being applied to the outstanding amount due.