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We understand that your pet coming in for surgery is a worrying time. Let us show you behind the scenes of what happens with Oscar who came in for castration.



First stop is the scales, then through to the consult room to be admitted by one of our nurses.

The nurse will go through a consent form and gather some important information about your pet as well as your consent to the procedure.


Next, a quick health check, a blood sample (where required) and a pre-medication will be administered to get pain relief and some sedation on board ready for their procedure.






An intravenous cannula will be placed and the anaesthetic induced via this, and then maintained by gaseous anaesthesia via an endotracheal tube.




The surgical site will be clipped free of hair and cleaned.



Once in theatre monitoring equipment will be attached to show heart rate, ECG trace, oxygen saturation of the blood, expired carbon dioxide and blood pressure.

The skin will undergo a final scrub and the sterile procedure will then take place.



Once complete your pet will be recovered from the anaesthetic and monitored in the recovery area.



Once awake enough and able to walk they will go back to the kennel ward to receive some TLC, food and water. Dogs will be taken out to the toilet.

Once we are happy your pet is ready to come home we will ask you to come down at an arranged time where one of the vets or nurses will go through the discharge instructions and then its time for home!