24 Abbeydale Road South, Sheffield S7 2QN
Telephone: 0114 2363391





Reception: We have a friendly, patient orientated reception who can deal with any requests e.g. making appointments, arranging procedures and home visits, ordering medication, sale of non prescription medication or foodstuffs and payment of accounts. Reception staff not only consists of our dedicated reception team but also our trained nursing team so any medical queries or emergencies can be dealt with immediately or referred to the appropriate person efficiently.


Consultation rooms: We have three dedicated and fully equipped consulting rooms. All have access to the pharmacy to allow efficient dispensing of medication. We run a routine appointment system and also have qualified nurse clinics for example weight management, dental care and puppy training classes. We treat and care for a wide range of animals including domestic pets and all manner of wild and exotic species.


Kennel rooms: The Hospital has spacious air-conditioned kennelling facilities to cater for our patients. We also have an oxygen kennel for emergency treatment of patients.







Isolation ward: The Hospital has a dedicated isolation ward to provide nursing and veterinary care to infectious patients.

Dental Suite: The Hospital has a dental suite with sophisticated dental equipment to cater for domestic and exotic pets' dental needs.



Preparation Room: The Hospital has a fully equipped preparation room where your pets are prepared for surgery and where recovery post anaesthesia can be monitored closely by our dedicated nursing team.


Surgical Suite: A fully equipped surgical suite is available at the Hospital with modern anaesthetic machines and full anaesthetic monitoring facilities where complex orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery can be catered for. The practice has its own ultrasonic cleaner and autoclave to ensure sterility at all stages of veterinary care.



Laboratory: The facilities of an extensively equipped laboratory are provided within the Hospital. This gives rapid diagnostic information for routine and urgent cases. External laboratories are sometimes used to offer specialist testing facilities.



Diagnostic Imaging Suite: The hospital has a high frequency radiography suite with digital imaging on the premises. We also have modern colour doppler ultrasound and endoscopy facilities for specialised investigative work and a ECG machine for cardiac assessment.





Dispensary: The Hospital has its own extensive pharmacy and dispenses are made via the veterinarians at the time of examination. Repeat prescriptions and requests for preventative medications can be taken through our pharmacy ordering system at reception and will be available for collection within 24 hours. On occasion you will be required to bring the patient for a health check to see that ongoing treatment is still appropriate- this will be determined by the Veterinary Surgeon in charge of the case. The frequency of re examination of long term cases is controlled by statutory legislation. Written prescriptions are also available.