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Laser Therapy for your pet


We are delighted to announce that from April 2016 we can offer your pet laser therapy. Laser is a new type of treatment for pain ( e.g. sprains, back pain, arthritis), inflammation, oedema, wounds and more. It is well tolerated, free from side effects and treatment costs accepted by most insurance companies.

Client testimonials:

"Our dog is starting to suffer from arthritis and due to other health issues he has, we are limited as to any medication he can have.   The laser treatment that our dog has received has made a real difference to him. I was sceptical that it would work but have seen a real improvement in him.  Whereas he was starting to lag behind us while out walking he is now up in front and raring to go."

Aztec, 10 year old Golden Retriever- Arthritis


"It was totally amazing! I have never seen an infection clear up as fast in a few days with just antibiotics"

Timber, 7 month old Doberman- Skin infection.


"Like having another dog, great improvement after the first dose"

Bella, 3 year old British Bulldog- Back pain.


"Couldn't be happier with the speed of wound healing, massive improvement!"

Gem, 9 year old Labrador- Non healing wound. 


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