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Minnies Story


Minnie was sadly knocked by a car whilst out and about one day in July. Fortunately she didn't break any bones, but did suffer from a large skin wound extending from just behind her chest to her back leg on the right side of body. She was admitted to our hospital and vet Carmel flushed, debrided and sutured the wound, and placed a drain so that any fluid that built up could be drained away. Minnie stayed for two nights in our 24 hour hospital on pain relief and fluids and was given exceptional care (and cuddles!) by our nursing staff, who are here day and night. The skin around the wound was very badly bruised and due to the location of part of the wound being over her back leg, we were concerned that the wound would break down. As the healing process started, some of the wound healed fantastically, but the area we were concerned about did start to breakdown as expected. We used laser therapy on this area of the wound to encourage healing, and Minnie had to wear a body suit to keep the wound covered. Slowly but surely, the wound has now fully healed and Minnie is back on normal walks again!


Here are some pictures of the wound during the healing process and now it is fully healed.


Posted 29th September 2017