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We can help dispose of old pet medication

We encourage our clients to bring back unused medication to us for safe disposal ( and even better if you can return them during your pet’s appointments rather than making an additional trip- each step helping to save our environment and improve sustainability).

Posted 24th June 2023

Hot Weather Tips

With the weather so warm we urge you to ensure you take steps to help keep your pets cool and to prevent the onset of heatstroke.

Posted 12th June 2023

We love your testimonials

Have look at what our clients have been saying about us and have your say by reaching out to us!


Posted 20th March 2023

Do you know your pet's persona?

Complete our questionnaire and share your pet’s persona with your vet, to help them recommend parasite protection that matches the lifestyle and personality of your dog or cat.

Posted 13th January 2023
Posted 14th November 2022

Bird Flu Housing Measures

Housing measures to protect poultry and captive birds from avian influenza in England are now in force.

Posted 7th November 2022

Fireworks Tips

It is estimated that approximately 45 per cent of dogs become stressed and fearful while fireworks are going off and now is the time to start preparing. Here are some helpful tips.

Posted 19th September 2022