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£31.50 Cat/Dog/Exotic  

£27.00 Rabbit 

£21.00 Small Furry/ Chicken

Castrate Cat Routine (Male)


Castrate Dog Routine

£120.00- £150.00 (depending on weight)

Spay Cat Routine (Female)


Spay Dog Routine

£175.00- £225.00 (depending on weight)

Post Op Checks

Free of charge

Nail Clip

£13.50 with Vet, £7.00 with nurse

Express Anal Glands

£14.00 with Vet, £7.50 with nurse 

Primary Vaccination Package 


  • A free nurse check before first vaccinations (if desired).
  • Primary vaccination course with a vet including:

A full health check                             

FREE Wormer & Flea treatment

FREE Sample of puppy/ kitten food

Puppy/ kitten advice pack

4 weeks free insurance

  • FREE puppy/ kitten nurse clinics from 1 months after the first vaccination and every month until the puppy/ kitten is 6 months old
  • 10% OFF neutering if done as recommended, on or before the puppy/ kitten is 18 months old

£70 including microchip/ £60 without microchip